Are you frustrated with technology or need help setting your new gadgets up? We offer a variety of solutions to individuals and small businesses.
Microsoft Windows basics
Unlocking Windows accounts
Customize Windows
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Outlook
Windows Movie Maker
Adobe Creative Suite
Font management
Printer installation
Software installation
Driver installation
Setup your network
Computer backup
Online shopping
File management
Virus and malware prevention
Mp3 player setup & sync

Phone and tablet technology is advancing rapidly and it is hard to stay caught up. Nyana Media can show you how to get the most out of your device.
Android, Windows Mobile, iPad & iPhone basics
Customizing your phone
3G/4G USB Tethering setup
Wifi hotspots
PC connection & sync
eMail and Social Media setup
Installing / Removing applications
Sharing content online
Internet setup
Backing up your device
Editing photos
Cloud storage and sync
Managing your data
Saving money with Google Voice

Starting at $25 per hour.