What Is A Dashboard?
Dashboards are created for frequent Nyana Media customers for easy access to multimedia content, files, photos, videos, order information and exclusive content.

Login Directions
Visit nyana.us/login/ or click the link below to login your Dashboard using your credentials.

Login Problems
If you encounter any problems logging into your account, point your browser to nyana.us/login/ and try again. Contact us at support@nyana.us if you continue to have problems logging in.

Recover Account
If you forgot the login credentials to your Dashboard, you can reset your username/password by clicking the link below.

Change Username
Change your Dashboard username by clicking the link below.

Change Password
Change your Dashboard password by clicking the link below.

Download Files
Follow the "Media" link inside your Dashboard to view your folders. To download a entire folder, select "Options" in the top right corner and select "Download". To download individual files, right click them and select "Download".

View Orders
Follow the "Orders" link inside your Dashboard to view information about current and past orders. Orders with remaining balances can be paid by clicking "Pay Online".

Order Status
Open Order
Cancelled Order
Completed /  Paid
Completed /  Current Balance
Completed /  Delinquent Balance

View Invoices
Invoices are provided as a .PDF file. If you have any problems opening these, download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Alternatively you can contact us to have a paper copy mailed to you for free.