Nyana Mail
Visit nyana.us/mail or click the link below to login your E-Mail using your credentials. Please note that you must enter your whole E-Mail address on the login page.

Recover Account
If you forgot the login credentials to your E-Mail account, you can reset your username/password by clicking the link below.

Change E-Mail Address
You can change your existing E-Mail address to new different one by clicking the link below.

New E-Mail Address
Domain and Hosting Plan purchased with Nyana Media include unlimited E-Mail accounts. You can add a new one by clicking the link below.

Delete E-Mail Address
You can delete your E-Mail address and all content by clicking the link below. Please note that deleted accounts can not be recovered!

Forward E-Mail
Use the link below to setup E-Mail forwarding to a secondary address.

Inbox Size
Nyana Mail accounts include 1GB of storage.